Wildland 火与烟 Sciences

Wildland 火与烟 Sciences

Advance your fire planning and decision-making process to reduce wildland fire and 烟 impacts.

Our team applies science and technology to help researchers and practitioners in air quality, 公共卫生, 消防, and fire ecology professions better understand and address the 风险 and impacts of wildland fires.


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Smoke 建模 and Analysis

Use modeling and data science to simulate and assess 烟 emissions and air quality impacts from wildfires and prescribed fires.

Smoke Impact Analysis

Quantify 烟 emissions (e.g., fine particulate matter and greenhouse gases) and model air quality impacts from local to national scales for past, 当前的, and future scenarios to inform planning and 管理 decisions.

Exposure Assessment

Leverage measured and simulated air quality data to assess exposures to wildland fire 烟 in health and air quality studies.

Exceptional Events Support

Prepare wildfire particulate matter and ozone exceptional event demonstrations that meet EPA’s requirements. Sonoma Technology develops exceptional event demonstrations for clients across the country.


Prepare your department and the public for the dangers of wildfires with our planning services.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

Leverage our technical expertise to develop a plan that reflects your district's unique vegetation, 地形, 天气, 土地利用. We can help you address your community’s needs and concerns.

Fire Hazard and Risk Assessment

Assess the wildfire threat to your community holistically using data- and model-driven insights on fire regime, 风险, 建筑环境, and 天气 patterns.

Fuels Treatment Assessment

Evaluate the effectiveness and benefits of fuels treatments on project and landscape scales with fuel, 火行为, and forest growth models.

Wildland 火与烟 Information

Enable smarter planning, 管理, and responses with the best available information on fire, 烟, and air quality in your area.

Situational Awareness

Rely on the best science and technology to stay informed of the 当前的 conditions and outlook of fire events, 烟 emissions and transport, and air quality impacts.

Fire Occurrence and Growth Analysis

Characterize fire regime with comprehensive fire history and growth data that are based on satellite fire detections and ground reports.


Advance the understanding of fire 天气 and improve wildland fire preparedness, 预防, and 烟 管理 through innovative research and applications.

Prescribed Fire Support

Facilitate prescribed fire planning using fine-resolution climatological fire 天气 and 烟 transport data.   

火的天气 Research and Applications

Expand the use of 天气 forecasts, 气候数据, and upper-air instruments in fire 天气 research and applications.

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